Reason #9 to love the new Royal Resorts Signature Club

More Benefits with Signature Club Platinum Membership

If you love your Royal Resorts vacation but would also like some flexibility now and then, Signature Club Platinum membership may be the right choice for you and your family. It offers you a choice every year: to stay in your villa during your Royal Resorts week or opt for flexibility so that you can plan your trips to suit your changing vacation plans. And as a Platinum member you will also reap more resort and destination benefits and more Platinum Signature Club Cash Back Rewards when shopping in the Signature Lifestyle Collection.

Shopping in the Signature Lifestyle Collection

As a Signature Club Platinum member you’ll earn more Signature Cash Back when shopping through the Signature Lifestyle Collection online portal.

  • Enjoy Best Price Guarantee
  • Earn Premium Signature Cash Back on qualifying travel and lifestyle purchases - four times greater than Silver Level Cash Back
  • Use your Premium Signature Cash Back to pay for your Club Service Fees, Royal Resorts purchases, or additional purchases in the Signature Lifestyle Collection

Enjoying Signature Flexibility

Signature Club Platinum Membership gives you access to Signature Flexibility, a groundbreaking new feature you can use to tailor your vacation time to suit your particular lifestyle needs.

Each year you will be able to choose whether you want to stay in your unit during the fixed week you own as you always do or deposit your week in the Signature Flexibility program in exchange for an allotment of Points that you can use to add flexibility to your stay.

With Signature Flexibility you will be able to do a variety of things*:

  • Choose the resort
  • Choose the unit location
  • Choose the unit type
  • Choose multiple units
  • Choose the time of year
  • Choose the length of stay
  • Choose when you arrive and depart
  • Bank points for future vacations
  • Borrow points
  • Submit Waitlist Requests for extremely popular weeks such as New Year or Thanksgiving

* Subject to availability

Here’s an example to show how Signature Flexibility could be used. Your parents’ golden wedding anniversary is coming up and you would like to plan a surprise family reunion in Cancún to celebrate such a special occasion. You could deposit your high demand winter season week in a two-bedroom beachfront unit in Signature Flexibility and use your Points to reserve two units in a lower demand week at a different time of year for your event.

Platinum Membership Gives You the Choice

If you wouldn’t change a thing and decide that Signature Flexibility is not for you, the Royal Resorts guarantee of fixed unit, fixed week means that you will always be able to vacation in the same villa in the same week for the years to come.

Seeing the World with Signature Exchange

If you decide that you would like to go somewhere different one year, use Signature Exchange, it is your key to seeing the world! Through the RCI Points program you can book a stay at thousands of resorts worldwide. How about a trip to Europe, island hopping in the Caribbean or a Rocky Mountain ski holiday? Imagine the possibilities.

Platinum Resort and Destination Benefits

Signature Club Platinum members also receive a variety of benefits during their stay

  • Travel amenity kit
  • Complimentary early rental car pick-up
  • Complimentary Signature drink or dessert (one per person, per stay)
  • Priority seating for restaurant reservations 30 days in advance
  • Complimentary certificate for yacht program

Signature Flexibility is only available with the Signature Club Platinum membership. To learn more about the benefits it offers visit and make an appointment during your next Royal Resorts vacation.

To schedule your appointment with a Signature Club Specialist call 1-888-387-4799, email us at with your date and time appointment request or contact your personal concierge at ext. 172 upon your arrival at the resort.


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