Reason #1 to love the new Signature Club

Keep your fixed week, or convert it to Points for more flexible vacation options!

The Royal Resorts Signature Club offers you the best of both worlds: choose each year to use your guaranteed fixed week and unit like you’ve always done or choose to use Signature Flexibility and adapt your stay to your changing needs. This makes it a truly unique program, as it gives you the time-honored guarantees you have come to expect from Royal Resorts, and the option to get even more out of your membership every year. Here’s how it will work:

Many vacation clubs offer members the option of purchasing points but do not offer a guaranteed week or type of accommodation. While members may have flexibility, they are not always satisfied when they make travel reservations as there are no assurances that they will be able to reserve the type of unit that they want in the location or resort of their choice for the dates they need. Royal Resorts has always been different.

The guarantees Royal Resorts offers members have always set it apart. When you became a member of Royal Resorts, you selected the location of your villa, whether that’s ocean view or beachfront, ground floor or penthouse, and the week(s) in which you wished to take your annual vacation. The unit is yours to use in a specific time slot for the duration of your membership. The Royal Resorts guarantee of fixed unit, fixed week means that you will always be able to vacation in the same villa in the same interval for the years to come.

With the Royal Resorts Signature Club we have added a new ingredient to our hallmark pledge. As a member, you will now have access to Signature Flexibility if you so desire. Each year, you will have the ability to choose to deposit the fixed week you own in exchange for an allotment of Points that you can use to add flexibility to your stay. Stay at any resort, any location, any type of unit, any season, any length of stay, any arrival date, anything you want.

With Royal Resorts, you will always have the guarantee of the unit, week, location and resort of your choice but with the added benefit of choosing flexibility whenever you need it.

This really is the best of both worlds.

Signature Flexibility is available with the Platinum Signature Club membership.

To learn more about the different types of Signature Club membership and the benefits each one offers visit and make an appointment with a Signature Club specialist to learn more about this exciting new program during your next Royal Resorts vacation.


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